THE BEST FIRE & SAFETY courses being provided to the people who are in a plan of building a bright future.Our's is a startup institute, we only believe in being genuine and services should be provided to different classes of people. Everyone's ultimate goal is to settle in a good position and  a satisfied life. Isn't it.......? Yeaaaah......we are here to help you out guys.

We can understand the ease of getting a job and the struggle of people to lead a successful life. People having an idea of FIRE & SAFETY can enhance your knowledge by seeking more information and knowledge about it's importance.Courses provided by us are planned in such a way that it can be afforded by everyone from top level to bottom level.Our main aim is to provide FARE QUALITY EDUCATION.People who have just completed their 10th are also eligible to apply for the course but they should be able to manage speaking English.Many among us have a dream of working overseas and moreover people preferring fire and safety work and planning to go overseas has a very good future.

Foremost thing of candidate working in a safety department should be safe and let others work safely.There are certain things to be known being in a state of safety like which equipment is used and where to be used. There are many more to be learnt.Hope services provided by us would be helpful to everyone.
This is the main reason of studying fire and safety course.Being safe and the state of safety has no need of training but in certain areas where there is involvement of large number of human beings, safety and everything related to it should taught and certified.

To Reduce Accidents and enhance safe working environment in Industrial Sector, we introduced Safety related courses with specialization in Industrial Safety, Fire Safety, Environmental Health Safety, construction Safety etc. we also give Trainings in Forklift operation Safety, scaffolds Safety etc.We are providing best safety course training by using modern techniques and practicals training.

We provide our efficient Man power service in Hazard Assessment, Safety, First Aid, Electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation, Civil - Maintenance & erection etc. to Industries and other Organizations.

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