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HSE OFFICER To co-ordinate, support and advise the Business on all aspects with regards to Health and Safety. To establish, manage and monitor standards, processes, communications, training and systems to ensure all responsibilities associated with Health and Safety within Decora are adhered to Responsibilities: • Ensure a safe workplace environment without risk to health. • Ensure that all Health & Safety policies, procedures, rules and regulations are adhered to and are regularly reviewed, updated and communicated. • Ensure the Company meets its statutory obligations in all areas pertaining to health, safety and welfare at work, including statutory training and reporting. • Ensure the completion and regular review of risk assessments for all work equipment and operations. Ensure that all accidents are documented, investigated and recommended improvements implemented. • Ensure that safety inspections are carried out, fire drills and fire alarms are correctly reported, safety inspections, risk assessments and lone working procedures are managed and employees are aware of their responsibilities. • Co-ordinate the development of health & safety policies, systems of work and procedures. Ensure full and accurate health and safety and training records are maintained. • Establish a full programme of documented health & safety inspections, audits and checks. • Establish a structured programme of health & safety training throughout the Company. Liaise with external health & safety consultants in the provision of training programmes and health and safety services. • Manage and devise the agenda for, chair and formulate & distribute minutes for the Health & Safety Committee meetings. Ensure that all agreed action points are completed within deadlines. • Keep up to date with all aspects of relevant health, safety & welfare at work legislation and communicate relevant changes to the business. SAFETY OFFICERS The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety. The Safety Officer ensures the Site Safety and Health Plan is prepared and implemented. The Safety Officer ensures there are safety messages in each Incident Action Plan. Responsibilities • The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations. • Developing measures to assure personnel safety. • Correct unsafe acts or conditions through the regular line of authority. • May exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts when immediate action is required. • The Safety Officer maintains awareness of active and developing situations. • Ensures there are safety messages in each Incident Action Plan. • Participate in planning meetings to identify any health and safety concerns inherent in the operations daily work-plan. • Review the Incident Action Plan for safety implications. • Investigate accidents that have occurred within incident areas. • Ensure preparation and implementation of Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP). • Inspects the site to ensure it is a hazard-free environment. • Conducts toolbox meetings. • A HSE Officer is part of the project safety council and leads all efforts to enhance safety. • The safety officer reviews and approves all sub contractors safety plans. • Verifies that injury logs and reports are completed and submitted to related government agencies. • Verifies that all tools and equipment are adequate and safe for use. • Promotes safe practices at the job site.